Welcome to Noisy Toys

Welcome to our new website, launched 7/3/14. New content is still being added so please bear with us and excuse any glitches! Noisy Toys is all about having fun experimenting with sound. We make amazing instruments and we let you play on them. Get creative, join the jam, make some noise...
We are Noise enthusiasts! We like making interesting things that make it and then making interesting music with them.
We are first and foremost an educational organisation. Noisy Toys started out as -and continues to provide- educational workshops with cross-curricular content; bridging Science and Music.
We feel there is a need to inspire excitement about science, to promote participation for all in group musical activities and to encourage people to get their screwdrivers out and take some old junk apart.


2014 events confirmed: Edinburgh Maker Fair 20 April, UK Maker Fair (Newcastle) 26-27 April, Purley Fest 28-29 June, CarFest North & South 22-24 Aug (South) & 1-3 Aug (North), Latitude Festival 17-20 July, + more TBC. Check out photos from the Big Bang Fair & the Science & Nature Festival, Jimmy's Farm in our 2014 Events Gallery.