Welcome to Noisy Toys

Step inside and explore the science of sound with our workshops and installations.

Explosive Science Demonstrations

Bass Buzz Test at the Big Bang Faire 2014 - Birmingham NEC

Hands On Education

Creative and fun learning for school children through science and sound

Audio Assault Buggy

Science Busking at the Museum of Science and Industry. Manchester Mini-Maker Faire 2013

Enter the Ming Rodulator

Interactive shows based around the installation in our geodesic dome

Welcome to Noisy Toys: Learning through the creative exploration of Science and Sound

Noisy Toys is all about having fun experimenting with sound. We make amazing instruments and we let you play on them. Get creative, join the jam, make some noise...

Science Busking

Try the Nose Test, see the incredible Goop Test, feel 1000 watts of bass through your fingers with the Bass Buzz Test...


Amazing Interactive spaces filled with costumed characters, weird machines, smoking tubes and lots of analogue instruments to play with.


Noisy Toys offer educational science workshops in schools for students of all ages from primary to alternative education.



Upcoming public events for 2015:
28 May Crewe town centre <Amazed by Science
8 August MakeFest at Manchester's wonderful Museum of Science and Industry
Islington Mill community event 11 July.
You probably won't find us at any Music festivals this year as we are having a summer off. We are currently developing a public space at the ATC in Hebden Bridge where we will be launching the Scavenger project and Making dangerous new Noise Machines.
Photos and Blogs from 2014 events are in our 2014 Events Gallery

2015 events so far include Generation Noise (Durham), the Science and Nature Festival (Jimmys Farm), Edinburgh Science Festival & mini Maker Faire, UK Maker Faire (Centre for Life, Newcastle), the Imagineers festival (Middlesborough), Science Busking for British Science Week, Learn to Play day (the Vinyl Factory). Photo galleries and blogs will be popping up for these here.
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