Explosive shows and demonstrations

Bass Buzz Test at the Big Bang Fair

Dare you enter the Ming Rodulator?

Amazing interactive installations and performances

Hands On Education

Workshops for Primary, Secondary and Special schools

Training for professionals and students

High level skills-based workshops and training sessions for teachers, PGCE students and graduate-level students

Messy and Noisy Science!

Interactive Science Busking and demonstrations for public events

Waves, Music, Electromagnetism, Making, Circuitry, Sustainability & NOISE

Noisy Toys is all about having fun experimenting with sound: - Workshops that involve creative thinking about science, music, technology and sustainability. - Excitingly dangerous stage shows and demonstrations, stand alone, or part of our Interactive Installations. - Science busking walkabout acts with our Audio Assault Buggy and Bass Station.

Science Busking & Demonstrations

Public science engagement with quick, hands-on, fun experiments, as well as longer demonstrations

Interactive installations for Festivals and Events

Amazing Interactive spaces filled with instruments to play on, costumed characters, weird machines, smoking tubes and more...

Workshops for schools and Events

Noisy Toys offer educational science workshops in schools for students of all ages from primary to alternative education.


Check out our short videos here

Upcoming public events for 2016:
Download the new 2016 workshop pdf. here

Big Bang Fair 2016 New show for 2016: Bass in your Face, performed by Steve Summers 16-19 March 2016, the Cone Stage, Birmingham NEC. Check out one of the short promo vids: Bass Face vid3

Make Some Noise! In collaboration with Bradford's wonderful Media Museum, Steve Summers will be performing shows and running workshops in schools across Bradford in the run-up to the event on 19-20 March 2016 Make Some Noise

We Are the Robots- audio mix of live jamming during 2 days of workshops in February 2016 preparing for the Robot Orchestra, part of Manchester Science City 2016. Listen to the sound of an imaginary robotic world here

Maker Faire UK, Back to Newcastle's centre for Life for demonstrations, Science Busking and other Noisy Mayhem with our Audio Assault Buggy and Bass Station. Bass in your Face

Edinburgh mini Maker Faire & Jimmy's farm, details soon...
2 videos now online, more to follow soon (yes I know, the bass drive how-to is now overdue, sorry). Noisy Toys youtube

We are currently developing a public space at the ATC in Hebden Bridge where we will be hosting the Scavenger project and Making dangerous new Noise Machines. We are also working on a series of 'how to Make' short videos... watch this space.
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